Top 5 CRM Mobility Strategies

Picture this: You're sipping your morning coffee at your favorite café, basking in the warm sunlight, when a sudden thought crosses your mind. You need to access crucial customer relationship management (CRM) data, right here, right now. The good news is, with mobile CRM, you can make that happen. It's all about having anytime, anywhere access to your CRM information. But how do you ensure that mobile CRM delivers what you need? How can you capture and deliver meaningful CRM data using your trusty mobile devices? Let's dive into some top strategies for maximizing the benefits of mobile CRM.

Extend CRM to Anywhere

When it comes to mobile CRM, it's important not to view it as a mere copy of your desktop CRM application. Instead, think of it as an extension of your primary CRM system. Mobile CRM should be a tool that's always on and readily available at your fingertips. As David Argue, a senior consultant at Innoveer, explains, mobile CRM allows you to pull up previous activities, sales information, and historical data while visiting a customer. You can be at your sharpest by having all the necessary information right there when you need it. And as you leave the meeting, you can immediately capture all the important details, avoiding the risk of forgetting critical information later.

Give Users Flexibility

Time is precious, and a disrupted meeting schedule can be a major hassle. But with mobile access to your CRM system, you can quickly adapt and make the most of unexpected changes. Imagine your top salesperson arriving in Chicago for a meeting only to find out it's been postponed for 24 hours. Instead of wasting time and feeling frustrated, she can utilize the flexibility of mobile CRM to schedule alternative meetings on the spot. As Argue suggests, turning a canceled appointment into a potential business opportunity is the kind of resourcefulness mobile CRM empowers.

Blend CRM and Business Intelligence

Mobile CRM doesn't have to be limited to pulling information solely from your CRM system. Consider combining CRM data with other essential sources and delivering it through a mobile application. For instance, New York Life, an Innoveer customer, uses Pyxis Mobile, a mobile app development platform, to merge CRM data with business intelligence (BI) insights. By providing brokers with analytical information drawn from both Siebel and their BI tool, they enable the sales team to have instant access to crucial data that enhances their ability to sell, upsell, and provide exceptional customer service.

Mobilize Marketing and Service

Mobile CRM isn't exclusively reserved for sales teams. It can also work wonders for marketing, service, and support. For example, one large high-tech company leveraged mobile CRM to boost the efficiency and proactivity of its in-house support team. Equipped with mobile devices, the support staff could navigate the campus, view scheduled meetings, and receive real-time updates on service tickets. This way, in the event of a critical issue like a server room catching fire, personnel could be swiftly redirected to handle the urgent matter.

Choose the Right Technology

When it comes to selecting the technology for your mobile CRM, it's crucial to align it with your specific requirements. Instead of starting with the technology itself, focus on understanding your organization's needs. If you only need to extend a single CRM application, consider using the mobile version of your current application, such as Mobile Sales Assistant for Oracle CRM On Demand or Mobile Lite from Salesforce. Take into account the device landscape within your organization as well. If iPhones are prevalent, explore the offerings available on Apple's App Store, which surprisingly offers robust enterprise-scale applications. For more complex requirements that involve multiple data sources, consider Pyxis Mobile. While it may come with a higher price tag, Pyxis Mobile excels at combining data from various systems, enabling you to display not just CRM data but also analytical insights derived from your data warehouse and business intelligence tools.

Embrace Mobile CRM Success

It's important to remember that mobile CRM is not a cure-all solution for your marketing, sales, and service challenges. It's a powerful tool that needs user buy-in to thrive. To encourage users to share CRM data, consider offering something valuable in return. By striking a balance and building a mutually beneficial relationship, you can unlock the full potential of your CRM program. So, equip yourself with the right mobile CRM strategies, explore the possibilities, and enjoy the freedom of accessing and leveraging CRM data whenever and wherever you need it.

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